welcome to brainstorm puzzle co

For a few years we sold jigsaw puzzles through Brainstorm, our original brand. The first puzzle we designed in 2017 was inspired by the U.S. National Parks and is still in our shop today. Selling that one puzzle inspired us to dig a little deeper into the wild world of jigsaw. We're only scratching the surface but we found that puzzles can be so much more than one-dimensional fun, invoking nostalgia or inspiring meditation. We can now proudly support your joyful jigsaw habits!

In addition to bringing you some fun, Brainstorm Puzzle Co. also gives us a new outlet for our creative work. Exploring all the same subjects but taking them off the wall and putting them (quite literally) in your hands. Twelve years of original artwork will evolve into a mountain of new puzzles for you. Jigsaw puzzles for indoor adventures inspired by outside things! 

 Piece & Love,
Briana and Jason

Brainstorm Puzzle Co. - Illustrated jigsaw puzzles for indoor adventures inspired by outside things!