Who doesn't like a little sneak peek?

Who doesn't like a little sneak peek?
The puzzle elves in our shop (i.e. Briana and Jason) have been busy creating a few more new fun puzzles coming Fall 2021. We thought we would share a few highlights of what we have coming down the puzzline. Get it, pipeline...puzzline. Oh nevermind, the summer sun has fried our brains a bit. 

Camp Life Puzzle


This puzzle is all about outdoor fun. We LOVE gear. Can you have too much gear? Nah. We don't think so. We like being prepared so we wanted to pay homage to all things camp life. 

Mushrooms Puzzle


You ain't trippin', that's a lot of shrooms. Did you know that Briana is an amateur mushroom hunter? You can usually find her on a hike, a half mile behind the group, taking photos of fungi or looking them up in her heavy-ish field guide that she most definitely insisted on carrying into the woods. This puzzle was inspired by her excitement for the fleshy, spore-bearing fruiting body of fungi across the world.