2021 Brainstorm Puzzle Summer Recap

2021 Brainstorm Puzzle Summer Recap

We have reentered the world and it feels so…strange. But GOOD! It’s been a wild summer to date, relearning how to be out in public and be safe. We love to seize the days of these warmer months here in New England and we’ve been doing just that. 

We took up surfing so we could hang with all our surfer friends when the waves are good. It is really as joyful and fun as they say. Being new and terrible at something as an adult is the humbling experience we all need sometimes. 


It also feels like this summer is one big traveling pizza party, with Jason bringing pizza or making pizza on the spot at every friend gathering. Let me tell you, it does NOT disappoint.


I’ve been gardening and painting more. More joy. More simplicity. More realigning with what makes sense. 


We spent a few days farm and dog-sitting in Pennsylvania and a couple days in Philadelphia visiting our old neighborhood and some college friends and family.


The city feels different. Whether that’s from covid or gentrification, we don’t really know. So much development, but I guess that’s everywhere right now. 

We sip our coffee on our porch in the mornings and drink our beers in the backyard when the day is done. We take Maple for walks but she may be slowing down in her older age. We’ve also been breathing and stretching and going slow when needed.


Our house is still a big construction zone while we finish up a few more DIY home renovations on our three-family house. 


We dig into Brainstorm work when it’s time to hustle and we’ve crushed a few awesome projects so far this summer. Though we are getting very picky about the type of work we’re taking on and the kinds of clients we bring into our world.


Now with Brainstorm Puzzle Co., we’ve been able to expand tremendously and supply some really awesome stores with our work in a new and interesting way. People are really digging it and we’re so glad we took the leap last year to push harder into it. All in all, it’s a 10 out of 10 summer so far. 

Here are a few shots from our Summer of (vaccinated) Love.