Brainstorm Puzzle Co. is an extension of Brainstorm, our fourteen year old design studio where we sell our own line of illustrated gifts and goods.

Hi! We're Briana and Jason. Artists, illustrators, and designers. Married with a pup named Maple. We designed and launched our first puzzle in 2017 inspired by the U.S. National Parks. We'd been looking for a way to expand our collection of prints and goods when a buyer asked us, "What about a puzzle?" We replied enthusiastically, "Yeah! WHAT ABOUT A PUZZLE!?" People would be able to get their hands (quite literally) on our artwork. We absolutely loved that idea so we got to work.

Brainstorm National Parks Jigsaw Puzzle Brainstorm studio - jigsaw puzzle delivery Brainstorm Puzzle Co. State of Maine jigsaw puzzle

We started VERY slowly because building a new product line of puzzles in the USA comes with a ton of challenges. There were many "puzzle angels" that helped us in those days offering advice, information, and assistance. (HUGE thanks to Susan at True South Puzzle for hiring us for illustration, being kind and generous, and helping us out back in 2018!) With the help of these angels, our State of Maine puzzle was added to the mix and we shipped them from our Dover, New Hampshire studio. We sold those two jigsaw puzzles alongside our prints online and at craft shows around the country for the next three years until 2020 when everything shut down. Print and design work came to a screeching halt along with the rest of the world. But the puzzles we had on the shelves were selling. A glimmer of hope! By leaning into that glimmer we were able to keep people busy during an ugly, unsure time and we were able to stay afloat. We're so grateful for that.

Briana from Brainstorm Puzzle Co.  Prints and Puzzles sold by Brainstorm and Brainstorm Puzzle Co. Briana and Jason of Brainstorm Puzzle Co.  

It grew from there. We added new styles as quickly as we could and created our own "seriously lighthearted" puzzle world. Running a product based business has its fair share of stress, but we always remind ourselves what we're actually doing. We only want to create art that we'd want in our own home. Every painting, print, or puzzle we create has to pass the test, "would we keep this in our house?" If yes, only then can we feel good about passing it on to you. Also, puzzles are a leisure activity so we're determined to stay light about it all. If we're going to make things, let's make things that are joyful, beautiful, useful, and bring people together in the spirit of colorful, tangible quality time. 

Briana and Jason Create the Artwork for Brainstorm Puzzle Company Jigsaw Puzzles from Brainstorm Puzzle Company  Brainstorm Puzzle Co. Jigsaw Puzzlers

We love illustration and design and we really love bringing people together in the spirit of that creativity. As fervent supporters of the environment and environmental conservation, we like to bring the outdoors in so our designs reflect that. As we've done with our print business, every puzzle sale allows us to donate a percentage of our profits at the end of every year. We donate to organizations that encourage subjects like science, conservation, and environmental stewardship. If we're utilizing earth resources to bring you products, we do our best to pay our dues for the planet and people. In 2020 we were able to donate to The Native American Rights Fund, The Nature Conservancy, The National Park Foundation, The Ocean Conservancy, and seven other organizations because of customer support. As of March 2021 we started working with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every puzzle sold!

Brainstorm Family Portrait Brainstorm Yosemite National Park illustration in Yosemite Valley Brainstorm Jason and Maple hiking in North Carolina

 Brainstorm Puzzle Co. gives us a new outlet for our creative work and we're grateful for every order that comes our way. Our puzzles (and prints!) are now shipping from a family owned warehouse in Vermont called New Duds. They are friends of ours and we love the team over there. They work their asses off and seek and appreciate quality the way we do. You're supporting a lot of small business folk when you buy a puzzle from us. We're also choosing to manufacture our puzzles in the United States. We certainly appreciate the global economy, but we wanted to keep our footprint smaller. We manufacture our puzzles in small batches to prevent overproduction. Made in USA is the way to go for us, despite the challenges and delays that are still rockin' due to the pandemic, sourcing, and staffing. 

New Duds warehouse for shipping Brainstorm Puzzles New Duds Briana and Jason outside

We know you have a million choices when it comes to puzzling these days. We're doing our best to support your joyful jigsaw habits. Thanks for choosing us and our creativity. Jigsaw puzzles for indoor adventures inspired by outside things!

Briana and Jason of Brainstorm Puzzle Co.