frequently asked questions


Who designs these puzzles?
We do! We're Briana and Jason. Married artists collaborating on puzzle designs and coordinating dinner plans. Owners of the design studio and print shop, Brainstorm. Partners in life and business. Based in New Hampshire. 

Are your puzzles manufactured in the USA?
Yes! We have awesome US factories that produce our puzzles for us. 

What is your shipping schedule?
We ship every day except weekends! Usually within 48 hours of placing your order. We are currently shipping all puzzles from a family-owned fulfillment warehouse in Vermont, New Duds!

Why do you only have 500 piece puzzles? That's too easy for me.
Because we're still a very small company and hopefully will grow over time. We want to offer more styles in more piece counts eventually. Keep buying so we can keep growing! 

What's with these weird shaped pieces? 
Our puzzles are cut with a "random cut" die. The alternative is "ribbon cut", which is a more predictable up and down pattern. We like the quirky, unpredictable nature of the piece shapes. It keeps things interesting! 

Are your products available wholesale?
Yes! Please send an email to hello@brainstormpuzzleco.com and let us know which puzzles you're interested in and where you're located. Please note you must order a minimum of 6 puzzles per SKU. 

Do puzzles make great corporate gifts?
Of course! And we'd love to get our puzzles in the hands of your clients and customers. Just send an email so we can chat!

Who takes all the gorgeous pictures on your website? 
All product shots by Jennifer Bakos Photography!

Are your puzzles easily framed?
Sure! If that's your cup of tea. Final puzzle size is 18"x24", which is a standard frame size. There are lots of glue options out there if you decide to hang up your handiwork. Here's a little blog post we wrote on the subject

Need to return your puzzle? 
Send an email to hello@brainstormpuzzleco.com and we'll work out the best solution! We accept returns on all puzzles returned unopened with original wrap in tact up to 15 days from delivery of puzzle. 

What's the deal with shipping?
Our products ship via USPS. Domestic US purchases are sent Priority with tracking and package information automatically emailed. International orders are typically sent First Class International. First Class has limited tracking but is the most economical option. Upgraded shipping options are available, just get in touch. Sometimes we split shipments and your order will come in two packages. You will receive notifications for each individual shipment via email. TAKE NOTE: If an item is shown as "Delivered" by the USPS, Brainstorm will not replace the item or provide a refund as "Delivered" status serves as guaranteed confirmation and receipt. Please make sure the shipping address you choose is a place that receives packages safely and easily.  

Ah CRAP! A piece is MISSING. Figures. What do I do?  
Though all pieces are in the box when we ship, we know this is bound to happen. Things happen at the factory that are out of our control. Firstly, please do not take it personally. Second, if you have searched high and low including in the box/bag, the floor where you first opened the puzzle, your cat's mouth, your dog's poop, your kid's secret stash of treasures (because they like to mess with you), the vacuum cleaner, the garbage, etc. and you have exhausted all possible options and are at your wit's end just send us an email. Send a message to hello@brainstormpuzzleco.com and we'll get it all sorted out. 

Side note, if you don't want your missing piece quest to end there, there's a company that will literally craft it for you. We've never used the service and are not affiliated with them in any way, but we're completely intrigued. You can order a specially crafted replacement missing jigsaw puzzle piece from The Jigsaw Puzzle DoctorTM. Let us know how it goes!