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Some Jigsaw Puzzling Benefits

It seems like our heads are in the puzzle clouds lately and the benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles are always top of mind here at the Brainstorm Puzzle Company. But maybe you need to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth (we’re the horse in this scenario). Here are a few hefty side benefits to jigsaw puzzling in case you needed another reason to encourage those joyful jigsaw habits! 

Deep Human Need

We think doing a jigsaw puzzle taps into that easy hunter-gatherer mindset, that deep evolutionary need to spot anomalies in the environment. Do you know how much dopamine is released when you finally find that green piece with the teeny detail? Quite a bit. And dopamine is linked to improved motor skills and concentration, and obviously OPTIMISM which we all need some more of now. So get puzzlin’! 

Try our Pine Tree Puzzle

Brain Boost 

There’s some evidence out there that says jigsaw puzzles can keep you sharp as you get older. Good for cognitive function, helpful for your hand eye coordination. It’s like a pat your head, rub your belly situation. You’re using both your left and right brain hemispheres so both the analytical and creative side of you gets to party! 

For a big brain workout we suggest our Massachusetts State Puzzle

Solitary Joy

Just me, myself, and I. Enjoy some much-needed rest and recharge with a simple activity, (it’s a meditation of sorts) while you have a few minutes to yourself before your kids start screaming at you for some juice. 

For the solo puzzler we love our Folium Puzzle

Non-Digital Fun

This one is obvious but can’t be stated enough. Get off your phone and do something tactile! Unplug from the digital realm and use your fingies for something other than doomscrolling. 

For some non-digital fun try our National Scenic Trails Puzzle

Collaborative Joy

Teamwork makes the dream work. You will either love this or hate this, but collaboration on a puzzle is a great way to practice communicating. Speak clearly. Let your puzzle partner know to keep their hands off those blue edge pieces, or else!

For fun with friends we suggest our U.S. National Parks Puzzle

 Confidence Boost

On the scale of getting out of bed in the morning to running a full-scale marathon, completing a jigsaw puzzle lies somewhere in the middle. We think that middle-of-the-road accomplishment is worth celebrating, maybe even throwing a party about. High five yourself, you did GREAT the day you finished that puzzle. And you stayed out of trouble? Double win.

Want to feel accomplished? Try our State of Vermont Puzzle


We don’t intend to claim puzzles can solve all your problems, but puzzles can solve a few of them temporarily. Don't take our word for it, even Martha Stewart agrees. Put down that tub of ice cream, let’s do a puzzle and talk about it. 

Keep calm and carry on with our Flourish Puzzle